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About Us

About Us
We have built this company on the foundation of trust, honesty, compassion, passion and creativity.
We are living proof that a beautiful corporation can and will flourish with patience and time in the right way and for the right reasons.
We feel that giving back is an essential part of growth. We are all one and forever one we will be.
When we give from the heart we grow to depths that are unimaginable.
We strive to continue in an environment where greed, hate and manipulation can not survive.
This and so much more is the pure foundation of 1bcorporation.

Mission statement

Our mission at 1bcorporation is to empower entrepreneurs of all ages, in all stages to reach the stars, their full potential.
We stand for honesty, integrity and passion.
Partners Rana Hawa and Rocco Panetta each bring forward their exclusive touches to the corporation.
Working side by side with a vision to build enhancing, healing art and products that touch the heart and soul the goal is to grow with purpose.
We have an objective to breathe life into people, awakening them to levels of greater insight through our creations, or the products we choose to collaborate with.

About The Artist

Rocco Panetta, an infinite, limitless passionate artist who creates magic. He not only produces what he loves, but places a piece of his soul in each piece he creates. Painting, drawing, digital art and all creations come naturally to Rocco from a divine inspiration and a place of passion. Inspiration and knowledge are the key components of creation.

A man of compassion, feeling and intrigue with a flair for life, love and dreams, he can only create the most outstanding and captivating pieces of art. Those who have his prints hanging have said that the energy in the room is alive, that his art speaks directly to peoples’ hearts.

Over the years, a pattern has submerged where one senses a feeling of "healing" while in the presence of his illustrations and canvases. A couple stories of some who were severely ill, once they saw a particular painting, they felt instant healing and a soothing sensation.
A story of the Ballerina piece hanging in a dance studio had been said to bring a change in energy, an uplifting one.
Truly, a one of a kind artist.

Rocco Panetta, a motivator, creator, a truth seeker, and so much more, gets his inspiration from within, and from the knowledge that we are all connected and we are all one. Embodied within his work are the true touches and sprinkles of his essence and core. To own one of his innovations, is to be touched with purity, clarity and wholesomeness.

About The Artist

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1bcorporation I.T services

1bcorporation is proud to announce that we are now ready to introduce several I.T. services to its clients. For any questions or inquiries please contact info@1bcorporation.com. Your request will be forwarded to our specialized I.T team.


If you are  interested to be listed in our partnership program please send us your company details at Info@1bcorporation.com

We are pleased to welcome moXrano as a Partner of 1Bcorporation.

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1B Entertainment Events & Services

Contact us for all your entertainment needs. We aim to bring the best to every event. We believe in capturing the moment, and we will cater to the vibe you would like to create. The most important event is YOUR event.

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